Hampshire Archives of 1890


20th December, 1890


The town council

At a meeting of the Southampton Town Council, a long letter was received from Mr Charles Burt, of Richmond, the Liberal candidate for Southampton, relative to a scheme by which he proposed to fill up the mudlands at the west shore.

He undertook to to pay all the preminiary expenses, and the matter was referred to a committee, who at the meeting on Monday, recommended the council to approve in principle of such enclosure. The recommendation was adopted and the result of this is that they merely give their sanction for Mr Burt promoting a bill in Parliament at his own cost. If carried out, the scheme will be a great improvement to the town and an inducement for more yachts to visit the port. The estimated cost is £38,5000.


Bogus inspector

On Wednesday afternoon a Southampton man was committed for trial on obtaining money by means of false pretences. The prisoner had, it was alleged,  victimised close upon a score of small shopkeepers by falsely representing himself as an inspector of weights and measures.


Rick fire

On Saturday night the troops at the South Camp. Aldershot, numvering about 3,000 . were aroused by the alarm of fire, and they at once proceeded to the south bank of the Basingstoke Canal, where strawricks 




belonging to Messrs Martin Wells and Co, governmant contractors, were found ablaze. Some haywicks were saved by the exertions of the Military fire brigade and the military polce also rendered good service.


Station improvements

Great improvements have been effected at Cosham railway station, and were completed this week.  The platform has been greatly lengthened on both sides and a footbridge made over the line. For years past the want of such a bridge has been keenly felt; the swing gates were shut the moment an up train was signalled, passengers alighting from these trains were detained on the station five or six minutes, and all traffic in the road was blocked, while the probability of a serious accident was only too great.


Football at County Ground

On Saturday afternoon there was a large assembly of spectators at the County Ground, Southampton, to witness the first football contest this season between Hampshire and Sussex.

The weather was gloriously fine but there was rather a strong wind blowing towards the bowling green goal. Both counties were strongly represented. Hampshire led the attack at the opening, and after a well contested game Hampshire led the field victors by two goals to one. 




Yachts destroyed in fire

A very serious fire, involving the destruction of several yachts and other property occurred on Tuesday morning in Belvedere Road, Northam.

The premises affected, situated on the town bank of the River Itchen, were the adjoining ship and yacht building yards of Messrs Alfred Payne and Sons, and Messrs Black (better known as Hatcher and Company’s yard).
The fire broke out about 10 o'clock
 and spread with fearful rapidity, the inflammable nature of the workshops and their contents being fed by a fierce south-east wind which was blowing at the time.
The buildings in two yards were completely destroyed, not withstanding the most strenuous efforts of the Fire Brigade, with several steam and manual engines. In Messrs Payne’s yard, the yachts Uranus and Cock-a-Whoop were severely scorched as were several others. In Messrs Black’s yard the yacht Moya and another yacht in process of construction were totally destroyed.
It is stated that both firms were insured, but to what extent is unknown. The flames raged with great fury for several hours, and the efforts of the firemen were devoted to adjacent premises. The cause of the outbreak is unknown.




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