Hampshire Archives of 1890


5th April

Fourth postal delivery

Beginning with the first of this month, a new postal delivery, between nine and ten am, has been put on for Winchester. There are now four deliveries in the day, namely, 7am, 9.30am, 11.30am and 6.30pm.


Runaway horses

As two horses, belonging to Mr W. Cannings, attached to a manure cart, were working at Bar End, Winchester, on Monday, the animals started off, and the man in charge was kicked by the leader, necessitating his removal to the County Hospital. The runaways reached the top of Cheesehill Street, where the career was stopped by four of the local board men, without further damage.


Train fare fine

At the county bench on Thursday, a watercress gatherer from Southampton was charged with travelling on the 25th inst without a ticket from Stockbridge to Southampton West station, and there paying the excess fare from Mottisfont, thus defrauding the company of sixpence. The prisoner pleaded guilty, stating he had been out gathering a few watercresses, and took a ticket from Fullerton to Stockbridge, intending getting out and walking home, but on his companion's advice went on by train. Fined 5s and 9s 6d costs.


Titchborne dole

Tuesday was "dole day" in Tichborne, when the people gathered as usual from Cheriton, Lane End, and the village, to receive the customary quantity of flour.


Magistracy granted

At a special meeting of the Lymington town council on Wednesday, the mayor read a letter from the Home Office, stating that her Majesty had been pleased to grant a separate Commission of the Peace to the borough of Lymington. The church bells were rung in honour of the event, and the mayor entertained the council at lunch.


12th April

Invitation to Queen

The new town hall in Portsmouthy. which is rapidly approaching completion, at a cost of £150,000, will probably be opened in July. Efforts are being made to induce the Queen to perform the opening ceremony, and there is every likelihood of getting her Majesty's consent.


New railway carriages

There are being constructed in the Nine Elms shops, a number of new third-class railway carriages. These seven-compartment third-class bogey coaches are somewhat of a novelty - certainly in connection with the southern lines. They are built to carry 70 passenger and are mounted on two pairs of bogies, the under-frames being made of Fox's patent stamped steel. The total length of eachh as Pullman blinds, gate etc carriage is 42 feet, and the fittings, such as Pullman blinds, etc are brought up to the latest date.


19th April

Desertion and disgrace

On Wednesday at Aldershot, consequent upon the sentence of a district court-martial, a private, of the 1st South Wales Borderers, was escorted to prison to undergo a sentence of 12 months' imprisonment, at the expiration of which to be discharged the service with disgrace, on charges of deserting his post when on sentry, stealing an officer's clothes, and subsequently breaking out of the regimental guard room while awaiting trial. The prisoner, who is said to be well connected, was apprehended in Wales.


Left court singing

At Winchester City Bench on Tuesday, a woman was charged with smashing a plate glass window at 80, High Street, occupied by Mr L. Cohen, on the previous night. In answer to the charge defendant said "Yes; I did it thank God; I expect about a month."

PC Middleton stated that at midnight on Monday he was on duty near Star Lane and heard a smashing of glass. He went to the place and saw the woman walking towards Westgate where she was taken into custody by PC Lewis and himself. She had a stone in her hand and expressed a wish that she would get  12 months.

The defendant's conduct in court ws that of a lunatic.Superintendent Morton said he knew nothing about the prisoner, she was a stranger; and her contact during the night was very disgraceful. The defendant called the superintendent "a liar" and said this was her native parish.. As she was tired she was accommodated with a seat, and remarked that "she was quite the lady," and looking round said "I am the only woman here; fancy."

The bench thought the defendant was insane, but she said she should behave herself at the gaol, she was not going to be sent away. She was sentenced to a month's hard labour, and left the court singing.


New church

The new church of Lockerley is nearing completion, and will be opened probably in June. The spire is done, the vane on, and the clock fixed.


Earl leaves for town

The Earl of Northbrook left stratton Park on Wednesday for his town residence. His lordship will take the chair at the house dinner at the city Liberal Club on 2nd May.


Important sale of cattle

Messrs Raynbird and Sons of Basingstoke held an important sale of dairy cattle, the property of Mr Albert Parsons, at the Lodge Farm, Odiham, on Friday week. There was a very numerous attendance of buyers, both from the locality and distasnt markets'Business was preceded by a luncheon, at which between 200 and 300 gentlemen were present. Biddings were brisk.










 Huge fire

Early yesterday morning a fire was discovered on the premises of Messra Dean and Smith, engineers and wheelwrights of Upper Brook Street, Winchester, which threatened at one time to be of a very serious character.

A portion of the premises used for repairs and painting adjoins Mr Smith's dwelling house, two of the rooms of which are built over the workshop which opens to the street by means of a large gateway. Between 1 and 2 o'clock Mr Smith's daughters, who occupied this room, were awoke by masses of smoke. They called up their father, who, discovering that the shop underneath was alight, threw up the windows and roused neighbours by an alarm of fire, and sent his son to the police station for the fire engine.

Policemen were promptly despatched to the residences of the Fire Brigade, but as the members are scattered over the city some time was necessarily consumed before they could be got together, and more before the steam fire engine was hauled to the spot.

Meanwhile the neighbours, having got out three vehicles, were actively engaged with buckets in pouring water on the flames, from the brook which runs close to the premises, and do doubt greatly checked the progress of the fire.

Fortunately the fire engine arrived in time to prevent the dwelling house catching, and steam soon being got up by Engineer Smith, an immense volume of water was poured on the flames, and in a short time all danger was over.

The further part of the shop was completely wrecked and the damage is estimated at nearly £400.


Docks inquiry

On the application of the Southampton Dock Company, a public inquiry was held on Tuesday at the Guildhall, Southampton, by Sir George Strong Nares instructed by tge Board of Trade, for the purpose of inquiring irywhether the deposit of dredgings from the neighbourhood of Southampton Docks, either on a site in the Southampton Water, north-west ward of Calshot, and between it and the Fawley Chequered Buoy, or on a site in mid-channel in the Solent, situated between Salt Mead Ledges and Beaulieu River, in a present depth of 60ft of water at low water ordinary spring tides, would unreasnably interfere with any public rights of navigation or fishing. Considerable interest was manifested in the enquiry, and most of the public bodies of the town were represented.



CanonBasil Wilberforce was welcomed home from India at a great temperance meeting at Southampton on Wednesday night.

A richly-illuminated album, containing an address of the united temperance societies of Southampton, was read by the Rev W. Perrin, expressing a high sense of Canon Wilberforce's labours in the cause of temperance, and pleasure on his return.

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