Monumental Inscriptions of New Lane Cemetery, Havant. We receive many enquiries about persons who were buried in this cemetery and so to help satisfy the enquiries we have produced this new book to our collection. It is divided into three parts: The Old Part (1848 to1962) and the New Part (1893 to 1977) is a listing of the graves and, if the inscriptions can be read on the headstones, they are stated complete with dates. The third part in a listing of the Dissenters graves which states the date of death, the date of burial and the age of the person named in the register from 1832 to 1970. The book is on sale from our Centre or online for £7.50.


Shot at Dawn is a brand new addition to our collection and is the story of the 306 men who were executed by the British and Commonwealth military command in the First World War. After court martials,very few of which were professionally managed, they were sentenced to death for a variety of reasons - inability to cope, many were driven insane and some just ran away. 

     The army could no more afford to carry cowards than it could traitors, and many of those who did flee faced instant retribution with a court martial and death by firing squad. This is a record of those who were shot at dawn and which will make one very sad in reading it. Were they Cowards, Traitors or Victims? This publication is on sale from the Centre for £8.50.


The Creation of ASWE 1947-1997. This publication was originally published up to 1969 by Norman Vidler with only a few copies ever printed of which only one copy exists in Hampshire Libraries. This new book has been formatted and updated to 1997 with the addition of photographs taken before the site was completely raised to the ground. This issue is a limited print and copies are available by post for £8.50.


Trace Your Family History. This a brand-new, very colourful and modern book complete with details on how to carry out Family History research. It is packed with diagrams, details, photographs and illustrations and is in full colour. Now on sale from the Centre or by post for £5.


The Parish Registers of the Circus Church in Portsea. A complete set of the Baptism and Marriage Registers from 1863 until it was deconsecrated and closed  in 1951. No burials were undertaken by the church. On sale from the Centre or by post for £4.


Commonwealth War Graves Series, all in size A4:

War Graves in Hampshire North £4

War Graves in Portsmouth South £5

War Graves in the Isle of Wight £3

War Graves in the Channel Islands £3


The Tribute Series:

Remembering those service personnel who died in Northern Ireland on duty. £5

Roll of Honour to those who lost their lives in the Falkland Conflict. £5

To the men of Portsmouth who lost their lives in the First World War. £5

Hampshire Regiment Casualties in the First World War.£5


Leigh Park - the First Fifty Years This the only publication telling the story of this very large housing estste which was built on part of the  Staunton Estates just north of Havant. It tells the story of its birth in 1947 and includes a diary of events and personal memories by residents. Over 2,000 copies have been sold all over the world and is very popular with university students as a thesis subject for their finals. £8.50 

Desertion, or absence without leave, was considered one of the worst offences possible as a member of the British and Commonwealth Armies during Worl War 1. As such it was punishable by death, and 306 men, many of them were still teenagers, were shot at dawn by their comrades between 1914 and 1919. Soldiers absent without leave were reported with full descriptions in the Police Gazette.
Firing squads were made up of a six or of a dozen soldiers, one of whom was presented with a rifle full of blanks, so that no-one would know for certain who fired the fatal shots. Often they were wounded soldiers recovering away from the front but with enough strength to hold a Lee Enfield. Some were under 16, and like many who faced execution, officially too young to be in the army. Some men, in defiance of the verdict of cowardice, faced their death without a blindfold. If a man was still alive after the firing squad, the officer in charge finished him off with a pistol.
This book was delayed in publication along with CDs and other publications because of our closure while we were moving to our new premises and some of the problems we have experienced since. However we are gradually catching up on almost everything and it is hoped to have a date for publication in our Tribute series sometime soon.



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